Write a paper on hacking, concentrate on the implications of what was done with the information gained from the hacking.

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The subject of this paper is a criminal case brought against nine people by the department of justice (DOJ) in August 2015, and a civil case brought against thirty-two people in relation to the same matter. The nine people facing criminal charges are accused of perpetrating a securities fraud scheme that earned them around $30 million over a period of several years while the civil case alleges that the thirty-two people involved in the scheme earned around $100 million. According to the DOJ, the defendants now facing criminal and civil charges in the District courts for New Jersey and Eastern New York along with their accomplices outside the country conspired to steal non-publicly available information from different companies, and then proceeded to trade in U.S securities markets based on this information. Consequently, the underlying issue in this case is insider trading given that the accused profited off information that had not yet been released to the public....
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