Topic 1
What are the specific major strategic issues that your present or a former employer faces in designing and maintaining your performance management system today? Research your organization’s performance evaluation program, as well as other performance management programs. You will need to cite at least two references in your initial response from where your information and sources came from.

Topic 2
Analyze your current job responsibilities. In looking at the four job evaluation methods found in the text, determine whether the method by which you are compensated is appropriate and explain why. Research these job evaluation methods outside of the text as well. Cite at least two references in your initial response.

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Discussion 1
One of the strategic challenges faced by the organization in designing and maintaining a performance management system is choosing rewards. The relevance of non-monetary rewards keep changing, thus the organization has to incorporate new forms of rewards often. Additionally, the organization lacks a proactive communication strategy which is a hindrance to the performance management system especially in the planning and design phases. Motivating staff with regard to the performance management system is another challenge that the organization faces (Mello, 2011)...

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