Write a 4 to 6-page research paper for income tax accounting.

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Write a 4 to 6-page research paper for income tax accounting.

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In researching this case it’s understandable that the physician wants to find ways to
minimize his tax liability. They’re specific pressures to improve profit and cash reserve margins for all small businesses that need to show adequate returns there investors. In this scope it’s imperative that the tax advisor shows appropriate due diligence inquiring and interviewing the exact nature and use of the yacht for business purposes.
The initial step in this process is a comprehensive interview and understanding of the physician’s business practice, his client roster, financial control mechanisms and practices to show adequate support for his inquiry.
Next step is researching the Internal Revenue Code for all strategies that could involve the circumstances your client has inquired on. This should create additional questions to revisit with the client to make sure you have taken all avenues to help the client.
Finally, once all pertinent facts and circumstances have been discovered from the client and research has been conducted and exhausted you have to provide your finds to your client and advise them on how they can proceed moving forward.
Information from the Physician
It’s required the tax advisor meet certain due diligence standards.This would suggest...

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