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Write a review on any fortune 400 companies(like verizon, amazon or hp computers) Annual report which should contains following:
Where company is heading to wards?
How much growth happen compare to last statement
What future looks like?
How the expenses are going? Is it going up or down?
How sales is happening? Is it going up or down ?
What would be the future?

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This report is based on the Fortune 400 Company Amazon. Amazon is one of the leading companies in the field of online retailing and sells a wide range of products and services through its websites across North America and international segments. The foundation of the company dates back to 1994 and it is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.
Heading towards of the company
Amazon has been partnering with several suppliers across the world so that it could capture a large size of the retail segment. Though it had commenced operations from the US, it is achieving geographical diversification so that it can tap the market potential of other economies also. It is increasingly focusing on emerging markets so that it can gain from first mover entry in those markets and create a strong brand image. About 40% of the total sales revenues comes from international markets and the company is bullish about growth prospects in emerging economies like India, etc. (Annual report, 2015).
Growth compared to last statement
Growth can be assessed through several factors. The sales of the company have grown in...

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