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1. Briefly trace the corporate history of McDonald’s highlighting major milestones.

2. Fast food restaurants have been criticized for offering menus high in fat and calories. How does this article relate to this criticism?

3. As you know, profitability and liquidity are two major short-term goals of businesses. Compare McDonald’s sales and net income for 2014, 2015 and 2016. Has there been a significant change? Compute the working capital ratio for these years as well. (List your source for this information).

4. Do you eat at McDonald’s. Why or why not?

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McDonald's is one of the company that uses the strategy of both product and advertisement adaptation to market its product to overseas. McDonald` s is a fast food restaurants serving 119 countries. The restaurant has got 36000 outlets and serves approximately 68 million customers. McDonald's offer different products in different countries, advertisement here are shot in 12 different languages that feature different customized products catered to each region. One of the most advertisements is the McDonald's all-day breakfast advert....

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