Overall Requirements:   

This assignment requires you to critically assess the tenets of the Conscious Capitalism theory as outlined by the authors of the book and supplemented by the discussions which we have had in class. The foundational basis for your analysis should consist of your assigned readings in the book, what we have discussed in class, and any outside research (readings) germane to the issue of expanding the operational theories of a capitalistic business beyond the mere profit motive incentives espoused by traditional capitalist economic theorists. Your analysis should include the following:

1. What is the definition of Conscious Capitalism?

2. What is and why is historic capitalistic economic theory under examination according to the authors and other economists? What is the basis for such criticism?

3. Discuss, explain, expound and expand on the 4 Tenets of Conscious Capitalism. Incorporate in your analysis real world situations as examples of your thought process.

4. Discuss, explain, expound and expand on the integral stakeholders of a business, including investors, community, environment, employees, and those others whom you feel are integral to the success (or non-essential to the success of a business). Make sure you base your analysis on actual scenarios which have existed or do exists in the business world today.

5. What (if any) are the drawbacks to implementation of a Conscious business? What examples can you site for your analytical dispensation regarding the application of Conscious Capitalism?

6. What is Corporate Social Responsibility, and how does it differ from Conscious Capitalism, if in fact you believe it does. What role (if any) does corporate philanthropy play in Conscious Capitalism.

7. What role (if any) does politics and politicians play in the application of Conscious Capitalism? In today’s political climate, how or can politics and business be separated? Is it even feasible?

8. What is “sustainable growth” and how does it relate to traditional and conscious capitalism? Is this concept important? Why? Why not?

9. This theoretical list of questions is inexhaustible. Use your analytic skills to ferret out the issues and points which you feel are the most important to the future of our economic viability.

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Conscious Capitalism
Definition of Conscious Capitalism
The term conscious capitalism refers to business that serves the interests of all the key stakeholders, that is customers, employees, suppliers, communities, investors and the environment. It is a concept that was popularized by Whole Foods co-founder John Mackay, and marketing professor Raj Sisodia as a way of thinking about capitalism and business in terms of the current state of the world, and how to make a positive impact (Mackay & Sisodia, 2013).
Historic capitalistic economic theory
Historic capitalistic economic theory is anchored on private ownership of production and controlled by the laws of demand and supply. It is an economic system that is characterized by private ownership of property, and has a price system and competitive markets. Consequently, key characteristics of the historic capitalistic economic system include capital accumulation, voluntary exchange and wage labor with private actors controlling the use of property according to their interests....

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