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Waialua Taro Farms, Inc.

Here are the financial statements from Waialua Taro Farms (remember them from your first take home?). They are now completed and in good form. What you should do now is show me what you have learned about analysis of financial statements.

First, Highlight – copy and paste the financials into a spreadsheet so that you can better see and use these data for analysis.

Using both Horizontal and Vertical analyses of WTF , Inc. , comment on the changes you see over time in:
The Balance Sheet
● Assets and assets structure,
● Liabilities and Equity
● The capital structure of the company

From those data and your analysis what would you expect from the changes you have observed?

The Income Statement:
Has WTF Inc. become more or less profitable over time?
How much?
How did you measure this change
To what factors would you attribute this change? (B.S.)

Thorough ratio analysis analyze the

a. liquidity of WTF Inc. (minimum 3 ratios)
b. profitability WTF Inc. (minimum 3 ratios)
c. solvency of WTF. Inc. (minimum 3 ratios)

Now comment on the current financial condition of WTF , Inc.

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The Balance sheet Analysis

● Assets and assets structure
Fixed assets have been gradually reduced over the 3 year period while Current assets have shown a steep increase in the last fiscal.
The company has increased its cash retention and also increased short term investments over the 3 year period,

● Liabilities and Equity
The company has phenomenally reduced its long term debts and has also managed to reduce portions from its current liabilities.
Equity issued in common stock has not been altered and the company has seen reasons to increase its retained earnings over the three year period...

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