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Read the article Two ex-Morgan Stanley advisers to plead guilty to U.S. fraud charges.
Pages 3 Doubled-Space
The paper needs to be tied back to the central point of ethics.
- Why is financial ethics important?
- What ethical decisions the leadership team could have put in place?
- How could the outcome been different?
Needs to be in APA format. Include Citations.

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Why is financial ethics so important?
Financial ethics has become even more relevant at present. The financial crisis triggered by the loss of confidence in financial institutions globally have resulted in bankruptcies, takeovers and government rescues of various types.
There were a lot of key issues arising from the GFC, ranging from central banks running loose on monetary policy, bank business models were too risky and not viable in the long term, risk management systems being deficient, and board of directors not effectively managing risks. One important implication of GFC was remuneration of senior executives – a scheme to pay for performance that encouraged employees to take inappropriate risks. Some incentive structures encouraged short term risk-taking at the expense of long term sustainability. The financial crisis have shown us that these ethical failures can have profound consequences and implications including severe reputational damage or company demise. (CPAA Program, Ethics & Governance...

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