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You are a new hire for a major company and completing your 8-week rotation related to accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, cost control, and profit maximization. Each week you will be required to submit a report in the LEO assignment folder summarizing your activities.

Write a brief report in memorandum format of your activities this week as a Word document and upload it to this week's Homework assignment folder. This memorandum should include a response to the prompt below and a report of your work for the week
Complete the report below and submit in the Assignment Folder.

Prompt: Review your SEC 10-K company’s balance sheet and income statement
What is included in each of the financial statements? How is information recorded in the financial statements? . Where is profit calculated?

Report of work:
1. Must include a summary of each chapter.
2. Also choose from one of these topics:
• What resources did you find most/least helpful this week?
• What topic(s) gave you trouble this week (if any)?
• What topic(s) do you feel you were able to grasp?
• How might you change your time management or study habits?
• Comment on the value of the activities you completed this week
You are writing a business report to your supervisor.

Resources for this report:
- Principles of accounting website
- Use Snip It Tool or other Technology to copy and paste your results when necessary
PDF textbook within the course
Amazon - company’s SEC 10-K

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1. Introduction
This week’s activities focused on the reporting cycle, special issues for merchants and cash and highly-liquid investments. In chapter 4 of the textbook I learned about the accounting cycle and closing entries, reversing entries and classified balance sheets. The chapter illustrated how to use an adjusted trial balance to prepare correct financial statements, and I learned about the different worksheets that businesses use to facilitate and document the financial statements preparation process. Additionally, I learned about the importance and application of optional reversing entries as well as the different parts of a classified balance sheet. Lastly, I learned how to use data from key asset and liability categories of the classified balance sheet to evaluate a company’s liquidity....

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