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Green Company has collected the following information over the last six months. Month Units produced Total costs March 10,000 $25,600 April 12,000 26,200 May 18,400 29,200 June 13,000 26,450 July 12,000 26,000 August 15,000 26,500 Using the high-low method, what is the variable cost per unit? Jason’sCleaning Services provided data concerning the costs incurred to clean hotel rooms for which hotel customers pay $150 per night. Data for the past 7 months are as follows: January February March April May June July Number of rooms cleaned 250 160 200 150 270 170 260 Cleaning cost $6,450 $4,060 $5,100 $4,100 $7,000 $4,200 $6,530 How much are estimated monthly variable costs using the high-low method? JULY 260 Rooms cleaned and 6530 Cleaning Cost A cost is $3,600 at 1,000 units, $7,000 at 2,000 units, and $9,200 at 3,000 units. This cost is a Question 3 options: mixed cost step cost variable cost fixed cost Save Question 4 (1 point) Winny's Office Furniture has a contribution margin ratio of 16%. If fixed costs are $182,300, how many dollars of revenue must the company generate in order to reach the break-even point? Your Answer: Question 4 options: Answer Question 5 Taylor has written a self improvement book that has the following cost characteristics: Selling Price $16.00 per book Variable cost per unit: Production $4.00 Selling & administrative 2.00 Fixed costs: Production $98,000 per year Selling & administrative 19,800 per year How many units must be sold to break-even? Your Answer: Question 5 options: Answer Save Question 6 (1 point) The use of fixed cost to increase profits at a rate faster than sales increase is called: Question 6 options: “What if “ analysis C-V-P analysis operating leverage contribution margin approach Save Question 7 (1 point) Assume Sparkle Co. expects to sell 150 units next month. The unit sales price is $90, unit variable cost is $40, and the fixed costs per month are $5,000. The margin of safety in terms of sales revenue is: Your Answer: Question 7 options: 150x 90x 40 x 5000 Question 8 Which of the following statements about the relevant range is true? Question 8 options: Cost functions outside the relevant range are usually linear The relevant range is the normal length of time in a company’s accounting period Estimates outside the relevant range are useful Cost functions within the relevant

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