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St. Peter's Bus Outsourcing Data Table 1 Current Route Standards Trips Avg Distance Avg Time Fuel Efficiency Tank Capacity Fuel Cost School Days Extracurricular hours needed Extracurricular Distance School Student Body Percentage of Students that use Bus $ 2 per day 72 miles per bus, per trip 3 hours per bus, per trip 7,5 MPG 63 gallons per bus tank 3,50 per gallon 180 days per year 750 annual hours 18.000 annual miles 500 students 55% of students use school buses Make: Maintain In-House Fleet Buses Maintenance Labor Insurance Accident Cost New* $ Sale of Used* $ New (0-3 years) $ Old (4-6 years) $ Maintenance Staff: Cost $ Maintenance Staff: Size Busing Supervisor $ Bus Drivers Regular $ Extracurricular $ 85.000 per bus 5.000 per bus 2.000 per year, per bus 3.500 per year, per bus 41.800 per year, per person 2,00 staff members 59.000 per year 15,50 per hour 12,50 per hour Total Buses (and number of drivers): Replacement Schedule* Year 10 Number of Buses 05 Labor Rate Increase** 2,0% per year $ 2.000 per year, per bus Cost to St Peter's None Minor Major 95% $ 3% $ 2% $ - 50.000 120.000 Likelihood 35 *In every 6-year busing cycle, the school replaces 5 school buses every three years beginning at the start of year 1 (time = year 0) and the end of year 3 (time = year 3) **The 2% labor rate increase applies to all 3 labor categories: maintenance staff, busing supervisors and bus drivers. Buy: Contract a Busing Service Contract Cost: Number of Bus Routes Income from Selling Fleet Extracurricular Rate Insurance $ 250 per day 10 $ 5.000 $ 25.000 $ 50 per hour $ 7.500 per year per bus Old (4-6 years) New (0-3 years) NPV Analysis Information Period 6 years Discount Rate 10% Comparative Analysis of Make Decision NPV Analysis Year 0123456 Purchase of New Buses Sale of Old Buses Maintenance Old New Labor Supervisor Fuel Insurance Accident Cost Total Costs Present Value Factors Present Value Make Decision Present Value Maintenance Drivers

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