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You will complete a capstone that integrates the knowledge and skills you have developed in the business core coursework and over the duration of the term by creating an executive summary that highlights the performance of your company from the Capsim simulation. The executive summary is your opportunity to show your knowledge of the organization, products, and business functions—skills that professionals in this field must possess. You will also reflect on your journey through the business core and how you plan to position yourself both professionally and in your upcoming program of study. This personal and professional reflection will specifically focus on business communication skills, professional etiquette, and peer-to-peer and peer-to-leader collaboration.

Since you just finished the Capsim simulation, compiled your results, and are now looking to the future of your company, the first component of your capstone requires you to compose a company performance summary. Imagine that this summary is for new members of the topic of directors of your company. It is imperative that the topic understand your company, its value, and its development cycle over the last eight years. This is your opportunity to exhibit your knowledge of your organization, your products, and how your business functions. High-level business executives are often short on time, so it is important that your summary is concisely written and rich in content. As has been emphasized in previous classes in the business core, effective business communication, peer-to-peer and peer-to-leader collaboration, and professional etiquette are mandatory skills to have when entering today’s business world. Because this is the last course in the business core, the second component of your capstone requires you to reflect on your use of business communication skills, professional etiquette, and collaboration skills throughout the Capsim simulation, this course, and the previous courses you have taken in the business core

Capstone Component 1: Executive Summary
For the first of two capstone components, you will develop a comprehensive, professional executive summary by analyzing quantitative and qualitative tools, analyzing strategic problem-solving skills, assessing any ethical, legal, or social challenges that may be encountered, analyzing global markets, and analyzing entrepreneurial approaches. This executive summary will be used to inform new members of the topic of directors who must become familiar with your company.
The following sections should be included:
I. Progress of the Company. You should briefly bring the new topic members up to speed about the progress of your company over the past eight years. While it is not important to describe every change, be sure to give an executive-level overview of the various products, strategies, and performances.
II. Current Situation. Here, discuss the current situation of your company by performing and analyzing a full SWOT analysis.
a) Strengths: Identify the strengths of the organization.
b) Weaknesses: Identify the weaknesses of the organization.
c) Opportunities: Identify potential opportunities the organization should explore in order to expand.
d) Threats: Identify external factors that could negatively affect the organization.
III. Future of the Company. Consider the results of your SWOT analysis, and detail an approach you plan to take regarding your top priority at the company.
Be sure to include any innovative or sustainable approaches in your plan.
IV. Ethical, Legal, and Social Challenges. Discuss any ethical, legal, or social challenges the company may have faced or could face in the future, and suggest strategies for how the company could overcome these challenges.
V. Global Considerations. In this section, discuss what necessary factors would need to be considered if the company were to expand into the global market. Consider the opportunities and threats outlined in the SWOT analysis previously in order to analyze the greatest advantages and disadvantages to expanding this company into the global market.
Capstone Component 2: Professional Reflection
For the second and final component of your capstone, you will compose a reflection in which you discuss the process and outcomes of this project, as well as how your coursework culminated in the capstone project. This may include discussions of unforeseen problems or obstacles, and any unexpected surprises. The reflection should also discuss your identified strengths and problems that you encountered while completing the capstone. Finally, the reflection will examine how the capstone project will be useful in the job market or in furthering your education.
You should envision this component as a personal reflection on the capstone and your experience in the business core program as a whole. For instance, relative to the capstone, you could discuss what you did (or intended to do), and then consider what worked well, what challenges you faced, and what you would change or do differently to make your experience better. In reflecting on your time in the business core program, you might discuss where you started, where you are, and where you see yourself going. Note that this component is not about evaluating the capstone itself but rather your experience within the capstone project.
Some of the issues that you could address in this final component of this capstone include the following:
• Overall, what was your capstone experience like?
• Reflect on your experience performing the Capsim simulation.
• Reflect on the significance of the capstone in relation to your own experience at SNHU.
• What connections do you see between your capstone and your academic program?
• How will you apply what you have learned to your future academic and/or professional life?
• How did you demonstrate effective business communication in both this capstone course and throughout the business core program?
• How will you utilize these business communication skills in your future classes here at SNHU and in the working world after graduation?
• Reflect on your experiences with peer-to-peer and peer-to-leader collaboration in this capstone course.
• How has peer-to-peer and peer-to-leader collaboration influenced your performance and decision making in this class?
• Reflect on establishing and maintaining a professional business etiquette in both this capstone course and throughout the business program.

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Executive Summary
Progress of the Company
Since 2018, Gyawali Ltd has come a long way. After nine challenging years, we ended 2026 with high hopes for the future of our company. We want to assure our stockholders and stakeholders that we, the executive team, have learned a lot about our customers, the industry, and strong competitors during the past decade. Together with my dedicated team, we pledge our commitment to demonstrated improvement in short- and long-term performance starting 2027.
As of December 31, 2026, our company is valued at $32.57 million up from $22.34 million in 2018. With respect to movements of our stock’s prices, through the years since 2018, we successfully grew the value of our stocks at the highest of $16.42 as of December 31, 2020. However, due to net losses incurred during 2022, the price plunged to $1.00 that year. Ever since though, we have recovered aggressively, ending at the highest stock price so far since the plunge at $13.02 in 2026. At this point, I would like to emphasize that the coordination of our team of executives (your stewards), has realized such a strong comeback.
To our stockholders, we would like to assure you of our continued plan to return value to your investments through dividends and repurchases. For the past nine years, we have returned a total of $10.8 million in dividends and $3.0 million in share repurchases, despite the challenges we faced. This is proof of our commitment to maximizing and rewarding stockholders for the wealth they entrusted to Gyawali Ltd.
With respect to our company’s market share, this remains a challenge but is not impossible to overcome. In fact, the strategy we implemented starting 2023 by introducing another Gyawali Ltd product, Apt, which is catered to the low-tech segment, has broken ground since 2023 and is accomplishing milestones for the company by gaining 4% in a 9-product, intensely competitive market. This market share will grow through execution of the strategy we have already contemplated that combines R&D, marketing, production, and other initiatives. Able, our high-tech product, has faced significant challenges from existing and new products in the market. That’s why, on behalf of our team, I am excited to announce that a pair of products within the next three years will be launch. Both products will focus on opportunities in the high-tech segment.
Since we are talking about progress of Gyawali Ltd, allow me to excite you even more about the probability of entering foreign markets (1)AMEA or Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, 2) China, and 3) Australasia, with focus on Australia and New Zealand). This is a long-term strategy, which we will have to seek approval from you in our upcoming...

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