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Statement of Cash Flows Worksheet Part Classify Cash Flows Classify each the transactions for Punchline Inc. below asa cash inflow Or cash outflow from operating activities, investing activities financing activities Enter your answer! sin the table below. The first transaction has been completed for you. Operating, Transaction Inflow Outflow? Investing Financing Activity? Issues $200,000 of common stock for cash Inflow financing Purchased machinery for $35,000 Recorded cash sales $167,000 Collected 17,000 receivable from customer Paid dividends $225,000 cash Paid $25,000 account payable Purchased $15,000 stock from another company Sold an investment that cost $15,000 for $15,000 Issued bonds face value for $27,000 Purchases treasury stock for $40,000 Paid $7,500 to renew an insurance policy Page 2 Part information at the end of the year: $690,000 410,000 Salaries expense 90,000 Insurance expense 20,000 Income expense 22,000 Increase accounts receivable 9,000 Decrease inventory 8,000 Increase accounts payable 14,000 Increase salaries payable 13,000 Decrease taxes payable Calculate the cash flows from using the method and prepare the section the cash flows Enter your answers the shaded boxes below. couple boxes have been Cash flows from Cash receipts from Less cash payments suppliers Net cash provided by operating activities Page 3 Part Method the following information for 2012: 1,500,000 Increase net current assets 60,000 Increase net current liabilities 65,000 Gain on sale investments 9,000 Depreciation expense 130,000 Loss bond redemption Prepare the operating activities section of Cara Cara's using the direct method. Enter your answers the shaded boxes. for you. Cash flows from operating activities net income tonet cash Depreciation expense Net cash provided bv operating activities Part Squared occurred during the year: An old $300, 000 was sold for Style stock from Anew Stock $23,000 New this information compute cash flows from below. couple boxes have been for Page 4 Cash flows from investing activities Purchase production plant Net cash used ir investing activities Part Financing Mosquito Music following the Cash Payment Net cash used financing activities

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