Answer the following questions with information from your assigned company’s (chevron) 2013 10-K as well as from ExxonMobil’s 2013 10-K:
1. What is the company’s fiscal year-end?
2. What is the company’s internet address?
3. What was the filing date of the company’s latest Form 10-K?
4. Prepare a graph displaying total revenue over the last five years. Is there significant variation in revenue between the years? If so, what is contributing most to the variation?
5. Prepare a graph displaying net income over the last five years. Other than changes in revenue that were explained above, are there other factors contributing to the variation in net income?
6. What is the percentage growth (or decline) in total assets from last year? What were the primary reasons for the change?
7. Compute the following ratios for 2012 and 2013 and comment when there are significant variations between years for a company:
Return on assets
Current ratio
Total debt to total assets
Price/earnings ratio (market price per share divided by earnings per share)
Times interest earned (NI+interest expense+Tax expense)/interest expense
Reserves replacement for liquids
Reserves replacement for gas
Finding cost per BOE
Lifting cost per BOE
DD&A per BOE
8. Based on the information provided in the 10-K and any other publicly available information, what direction do you sense each company taking in the next five years? In other words, what and where are they going to be investing the bulk of their resources? Do you feel the direction they are taking will prove to be a good one for them? Why or why not? (at least 3 full pages double-spaced).
9. Based on all the above information, which company (ExxonMobil or your Chevron) do you feel is the better investment if you were buying common stock? Back up your recommendation (at least two full pages double-spaced).

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