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1. Railroad: The financial data for company 1 matches to this description. A railroad company is going to have high property, plant and equipment that accounts for the cost of land, railways, locomotives and freight cars. The land assets would not be depreciated and many other assets have long useful lives. This helps to account for the relatively low percentage of DD&A compared to the amount of PPE. As a transportation company there will no inventory held for resale, and possibly very little other supply inventory on hand. This helps to account for the lack of a cost of sales amount. By using Google I was able to determine that the company description matched with Canadian Pacific Railway, Ltd. Using the financials from 2009 – 2013, I was able to recalculate the PPE % and other factors to verify my selection.
2. Solar Products: The financial data for company 2 matches to this description. As a manufacturer and designer of solar cells, the company will have noticeable research and development expense. This aspect narrowed the selections to company numbers 2, 7, and 13....
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