Assignment and Discussion Questions
Answer all of the following in 400 words or less, APA style. Answers must be cited and referenced.
1. Do you believe there are universal codes of ethics that are independent of culture or religion? Elaborate
2. Do you work for an organization with clearly stated ethical standards? If so, how are these disseminated and practiced?
3. Why do you the topic of ethics is important to HPT specialists? What kind of ethical decisions might an HPT specialist be faced with?

Please respond to ALL of the following questions. Answers must be cited and referenced.:
Discussion Question 1: Why should we care about ethics and standards?
Discussion Question 2: How can you contribute toward building a more ethical environment?

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Question 1
Indeed, no universal ethics is independent of both culture and religion. Despite the fact that people live in a pluralistic world, ethics of various groups and individuals from different parts of the world are largely defined by the respective religion and culture. Given that culture defines the way of life of people and it varies from one group to another, ethics are as well varying among groups of individuals (Flynn, 2010). Notably, a term that may be defined as unethical in one religion or cultural setting may turn out to be ethical in another cultural and religion context; thus echoing the need to restrain ethics within respective cultures and religions for efficiency. For instance, using the word genocide to refer to the mass killing of people is termed illegal among the Americans who simply term it as a humanitarian crisis.
Question 2
I work for an organization that has clearly stated its ethical standards...
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