Please answer the following essay questions
1. As we enter the business world, our job as a manager is to become more 'leader - like' and motivate our employees. Motivation is the primary tool that leaders use to get the most out of their employees. Please discuss how a manager becomes a better motivator?
(Please make sure that you review and incorporate some of the motivational theories in
your essay).
2. It is important for managers to develop their leadership skills. P +lease discuss the concept of leadership. Can all people become leaders? While discuss the concept of leadership, please also discuss whether or not is it very important for leaders to have high morals? There have been numerous references to the concept of MBWA
and the leader. Please discuss the concept OF MBWA.
3. Please discuss the difference between being a leader and being a manager.
4. At what points in the communication process can problems occur? Give examples of how noise can interfere with the communication process. What can managers do to reduce noise?
5. There is a lot of discussion as to how to motivate. There is a trend that insinuates that people are truly happy with ‘pats on the back’ and certificates of appreciations.
However, there are critics who believe that this creates a more cynical employee rather than a more motivated employee. Please discuss this situation.

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1. How a manager becomes a better motivator
Motivation is the primary tool that leaders use to get the most out of their employees. Motivation is also one of the most challenging factors that managers face. For a manager to become a better motivator, they have to have certain standards that employees seek to follow and emulate. They need to set comprehensible goals. The goals they set should set goals that all employees are clear with. The goals they set should be clear to the employees and they should show the employees what it is they are expected to achieve.
Managers can only become better motivators if they speak less and in turn listen more to what is being said. Managers who listen to ideas brought forth by their employees make their employees more open to contribute to them and this in turn motivates them (Norm, 2005, p. 38). For a manager to be a better motivator, they should ensure they praise their employees on a regular basis. The Abraham Marslow’s hierarchy needs theory applies in situations where managers praise promote and seek contribution from their employees. They should seek to praise their employees in both their achievements and efforts. Managers should show the employees that that they can rely on them in case of any situation in the organization.
Managers can also become better motivators if they also incorporate the Herzberg two- factor theory in their...
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