1 a) Why is it important that George’s research draws upon existing theory?
   b) At what point in the process should he identify a relevant model, theory or framework to guide his work?

2 George has identified the need for qualitative rather than quantitative methods in order to understand the phenomena that constitute co-production, co-creation and value. What ways of collecting data might he consider using and why?

3 George plans to collect his data from his fellow university students.
   a) Is this a good idea?
   b) What issues should George consider before commencing and why?   

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It is important that George’s research draws upon existing theory. Drawing upon an existing theory would give George a definite starting point. It would also make his research question easier to formulate and understand. If he draws upon existing theory, George will know what exactly he is trying to establish. His findings would alsolead him to a reasonable conclusion based on whether the theory is correct or not. George should identify this approach at the planning stage of his research. It is important that the entire he plans the study keeping in mind ...
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