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1. Theory: Describe HPT and how it relates to a systemic understanding of overall organizational performance.
Use the goals of HPT as a guide for this discussion.
2. Field Work: Thinking about the site you selected for your field work, place the training you are assessing in Bloom’s Taxonomy.
Also, discuss how the training event you are assessing will affect behavior and performance.
Reference the appropriate theories from your text.
3. Case Study: Given the second intervention you implement with your client, what types of changes do you expect to observe (behavioral and performance), i.e., what can your client expect from this intervention? How do these relate to the theory you have read to date?

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The Human Performance Technology (HPT) is brought about the evolution of instructional technology. Experts in this field started to realize that instruction was not the sole intervention to address performance improvement. For example, formal instruction or a set of events that a learner should perform can facilitate learning. However, non-instructional methods like reading a book, listening to music or watching someone else can also help people gain new knowledge.
In fact, acquisition of new knowledge might not be even necessary to raise performance level. New knowledge will help you display a new behavior....

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