Write a journal:
This section should build a roadmap for the paper.
Tell me what I am going to read for the next several pages.
Analysis of Test Results
-Short introduction
-Analysis of Tests for each chapter
-Concluding comments
Chapter 1
The Competing Values Framework
Chapter 2
What’s my Jungian 16-type personality
Assess Your Locus of Control
Are You a High Self-Monitor?
Are You a Type A?
Chapter 3
What do You Value?
Chapter 4
What motivates you?
Chapter 5
How Good am I At Building and Leading a Team?
Chapter 6
What is Your Preferred Conflict-Handling Style?
Chapter 7
How political are you?

Chapter 8
Are You a Self-Manager?
Chapter 9
Decision-Making Style Questionnaire
Chapter 10
What kind of Organizational Culture Fits You Best?
Career Plan
Using the results of your tests, plot a career plan.
What career am I aiming at – ie. where do I want to be 5 years – 10 years after my MBA?
Based on my test results, what skills do I need to improve upon?
How will I improve upon these skills?
How will integrate my career plan with my life plan?
Life Plan
Likewise, plan your life out in terms of test results and career plan.
Do you plan to have a family? What sort of lifestyle do you want?
How will you achieve that? Is your desire to own a villa in Greece compatible with working for a charitable institution?
Is your desire to be a trader in the TSX compatible with living in a small town and spending quality time with your family?
Sum up the major conclusions in your paper.
Tie up any loose ends and unanswered questions.

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Chapter 1
Every single one of us is defined by our strengths and weaknesses. We may excel at one thing and be less than average at another. This test enabled me to identify my strong and weak interpersonal skills. For my strengths, I chose goal setting, personal productivity and motivation, planning and managing change. For my weaknesses, I chose motivating others, controlling, interpersonal communication and team building.

After taking this test, I have realized that if I want to achieve something, I do everything in my power to attain it and I’m comfortable working with myself. I have also noticed that I’m not much of a team player and I guess it’s time to change that.

Chapter 2

I believe that we are rewarded accordingly based on our own efforts and actions. If we strive to achieve something that we want, we will absolutely have it....
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