Case #33: The Case of the Fired Waitress Answer Questions 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
This case will require you to write between 5 and seven pages, based on 1" margins on all 4-sides. A better measurement is 1,750 to 2,450 words (does not include the reference page).
Facts and Assumption (Place This on Your Paper)
State the facts and assumptions. Okay for first person here and here only.
Major Overriding/Issues (Place This on Your Paper)
Discuss the overriding issues of the case.
When a question asks for your opinion, it is okay to use first person. However, you still need to cite from the resources. Opinions come from what an individual learns. Therefore, base your opinions on what you have learned in your readings.
From Case
List Each Question on your paper and then Answer Each Question
From Rubric
Recommendations/Strategic Alternatives (Please Place This on your Paper)
• What else can be done that you did not mention earlier or that you want to elaborate on further?
• Maybe discuss something that you found in your research that may be looked at.
• Think outside of the box.
• Answer the questions that I choose for each case and incorporate the components of the grading rubric below.
• You must incorporate theories, constructs, and other information from the chapter readings to support your discussions and use additional research outside the textbook will be necessary to complete some of these case analysis papers.
Well thought out and developed all the facts. Assumptions are made and are linked to the facts correctly. Discussions are fully developed.
Multiple strategic alternatives or options are presented.
Options provide strong reference back to prior analysis.
Options resolve or address all key issues.
PROs and CONs of each option are presented.
Options are well supported by the data and analysis.
Organization of the analysis is logical and properly structured: Issues, Analysis, Strategic Options, and Recommendations.
Analysis exhibits correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and evidence of editing.
Major sections are summarized.
Headings and paragraph sections are used. Proper APA citation format
Demonstrates understanding the case's issue(s) or problem(s). Knows why this case is important to study in this course and its connection to the chapter/material that is being covered.
Three or more well developed links to terms, constructs, and theories from the chapter readings to support the student's discussion.

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I. Facts and Assumptions

Ruth Hatton, a waitress at a Pennsylvania Red Lobster restaurant served an African American couple. The wife ordered a well-done piece of prime rib but upon service, the wife complained that the meat was undercooked. The waitress had the meat returned to the kitchen to be cooked further. When the meat was served again, the wife was still displeased so the waitress offered the couple free dessert. However the customer pushed back her plate, paid the bill and left. Before leaving, the irate customer filled a restaurant comment card and deposited it in the customer comment box. Ms. Hatton then borrowed the key from the hostess and retrieved the card and accidentally threw it out. Because of this incident, Ms. Hatton was fired from her job.

It is assumed that Ms. Hatton took the card to get rid of it so that her supervisors would not see the customer complaint. On the other hand, Ms. Hatton maintains that she retrieved the card with the intention of showing it to Ms. Canant later. Also, only Ms. Hatton can testify that she inadvertently lost the card during her shift and did not throw it out on purpose....

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