1. Your paper will discuss and analyze the following: Using the text, choose three (3) theories, themes, or components of business that you’re interested in from 3 different chapters.

2. Based on the research, compare, contrast, and analyze how your company (International Business Machines) implements the theories, themes, or components of business within the borders of the U.S. and within the borders of another country.

3. Discuss what state and or federal laws are in place that affects the implementation? What are the ethical ramifications of the implementations?

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There is no doubt that everyone in the business of information technology services has heard of IBM. The International Business Machine Corporation, generally known as IBM, provides information technology product and services to every single corner of the world for over 100 years as of today. It has been founded in 1910 as Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. in Armonk, New York and changed its name to International Business Machine Corporation in 1924. (Tom Hames, 2015)
As CRN (2015) positions it, “IBM is outflanking competitors in Technical Computing and fast-tracking the delivery of client business value by providing an expertly designed, tightly integrated and performance optimized architecture for several key industrial applications.” Over the years, it acquired a big chunk of share in the IT industry and has been one of the major market leaders in the trade....
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