In early 2010, Toyota recalled a large number of vehicles for faulty accelerator pedals. On February 2nd, the President of Toyota Motor Sales released a letter to the public regarding the recall. Read Toyota’s initial response regarding the accelerator pedal recall.
The letter resulted in a negative response from a variety of stakeholder groups, including customers, business analysts, government, and media. This discussion includes two tasks:
1) Evaluate the letter to determine the cause of the negative response from stakeholder groups. Why do you think the letter negatively impacted Toyota’s reputation, market position and value? As the leader of Toyota, explain your crisis communication strategy for each stakeholder group, applying course materials. A sufficient post will be two to three paragraphs in length.
2) Assuming you are the CEO of Toyota, prepare a letter to stakeholders you would issue regarding the pedal recall crisis. A sufficient letter probably will be three paragraphs in length.

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The letter affected the stakeholders negatively mainly because of the non-disclosure of certain facts that is most critical to the users. The letter from the management only stated “We know what’s causing this and what we have to do to fix it.”
As a rule on Crisis Management, the management should assume that there are no secrets in the world and that everyone will eventually find out everything....
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