Project Specification:
I.Company Profile
What does the company do?
What is their main mission?

II.Organization Chart (7 key Individuals)
Please list seven key individuals in this company. Include at least three business personnel and three IT personnel. Give their names and a brief background. Include a two to three sentence character sketch of each individual.

III.Business/Value Proposition
Why is this company in business? What is its main purpose?
Provide a SWOT analysis of this company.

IV.Potential IT Projects
Based on the SWOT analysis, list four potential IT projects. For each project answer the following:
1)What is the main business issue that this project is trying to solve?
2)Provide a cost benefit analysis of each project
a.Include tangible and intangible costs and benefits.
3)Provide a one to two paragraph feasibility analysis for each of these projects:
a.Operational feasibility
b.Technical feasibility
c.Economic feasibility
d.Schedule feasibility – this may not be possible at this stage in the project

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I. Company Profile What does the company do? What is their main mission?
Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein Inc. is an American fashion house founded by fashion designer Calvin Klein and Barry Schwartz. It is currently owned by Phillips- Van Heusen Corporation (PVH) and its headquarters is in New York City.
The Calvin Klein brand is known to cover a wide variety of product classifications. Its products include coats, dresses, denim jeans, underwear, high-end suits, accessories, watches, footwear, swimwear, eyewear, fragrances, and even home furnishings and some of which have been featured in popular product fashion magazines like Vogue and Bazaar....

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