Identify a business research project in your own business or locate a business research article in the library. This project should be one that you perceive to be conducted in an ethical manner.

Summarize the business research project or article.

1:What unethical research practices should be avoided in this project?

2:Which particular parties involved in the research could face injury? What injuries could occur?

3:How could unethical behavior in this research affect the organization, the individual, and society?

4:How could the unethical behavior be monitored or resolved if found to be occurring?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Coca-Cola has been known for its sustainable business practices and commitment to add value to the environment. As part of its ethical efforts, the company had raised $2 million for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the year 2014 (Journey Staff, 2014). Polar bear has been the icon of the company and it has collected $1.8 million in donations along with company donation of $400,000 as part of its wildlife protection policies. This report presents an analysis of the unethical aspects that can happen and demand attention....
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