I.                Some companies are making a conscious effort to improve the quality of work-life for their employees. QWL creates a workplace that enhances employee well-being and satisfaction. If you were a HR manager, what kind of strategies or suggestions would you make to managers to improve the work-life of employees (3-4 suggestions/strategies required) that are of no expense to the organization?

II.                  Due to economic conditions, many companies cannot afford to offer a mere cost of living raise to employees at this time. Let’s imagine you work for Target and you are in a strategic planning meeting. Employee morale is at an all time low and employee turnover is at 61%. You are put on a committee that is charged to come up with activities or strategies to motivate employees in the workplace. Suggest five things you would share with the committee that could possibly motivate employees to stay employed with your organization. How will your strategies benefit the organization? What could be possible drawbacks to what you suggested?

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1. Aligning the interests of the employees with that of the company is very important and this is the key to manage the work-life of the employees. The first strategy is that the employees should be allowed to work from home for a specified number of days during the year so that they can take care of their personal commitments while doing their job. As an example, if they need to pick up the kids from school on a day when the baby-sitter does not come, they can work from home and manage their personal tasks also. The second suggested strategy is the company should support diversity by hiring employees from all backgrounds on the basis of merit only....
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