Use two resources/references for this assignment and document each in APA format. Do not use Wikipedia, wiki,, or Please use resources with .edu or .gov. as a web address or peer reviewed articles/journals. No more than two pages for this assignment.

A:   Research on your own Employment at Will. Intelligently convey an understanding of Employment at Will per your research efforts. How are implied contracts relevant to Employment at Will?

B: Case Problem: By Letters, the Twin Buttes School District had hired Cheryle Good Bird to be the elementary school head cook for two different school years. Each letter specifically set the term of employment as one school year. Before the first contract had expired, Good bird had received a letter telling her she had been chosen to be the head cook specifically for the next school year. During the second contract period, the principal by letter told Good bird the head cook position for the next school year was going to be advertised, but she could apply for it. Good bird reapplied, but was not hired. Good Bird sued the school district, claiming it had breached an implied contract. Did Good Bird have an implied contract to continue to be head cook?

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Employment at-will is a form of contractual employment relationship in which the employer can dismiss the employee without good cause. In this form of employment relationship, the employer does not have to establish a just cause to dismiss an employee, but the employee cannot be dismissed for illegal reasons. The law presumes that employees are employed at-will, unless there is clear indication on the part of the employer that it will only dismiss employees for good cause...
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