Prepare a job analysis for one of the jobs listed below:
4th grade Math Teacher

A.    Outline how you could conduct a job analysis for the chosen job.
a.    What kind of information is needed
b.    How will you obtain the information
c.    How will you use the information

B.    Draft a job description and a job specification that they think represents their chosen job. Remember that the two are linked, but that each contains different information. The job description contains information about the job itself, while the job specification identifies individual knowledge, skills, abilities, and other traits needed by the employee to carry out the job.

C.    Develop action plans for dealing with the scenarios of growth, stability, and reductions in their workforce. Think about whether you need to grow, shrink, or maintain the workforce in their chosen company. Then develop strategies for finding new workers, for determining who should be let go, or for keeping the people they have.

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Job analysis is an important task to be performed by the HR specialists since it is impossible to ensure that the right person is at the right position of the job. Every job is unique and has different requirements that call for different skill sets of the individuals. This report is based on the job analysis of the job of 4th grade Math teacher. This job is very important as the development of the base of the students is very important....
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