Read and analyze the case titled David Fletcher; then answer the questions that follow. You can also use the reading Managing a Team vs. Managing Individuals on a Team for better answers and analysis.

• Why did Fletcher's first attempt to build an effective research team not work out as intended?
• What should he do this time around?
• What advice would you give Mary Robinson?

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• Why did Fletcher's first attempt to build an effective research team not work out as intended?

Fletcher’s first attempt at building a team led to losing his longtime assistant - promoted to portfolio manager in training, Stephanie, as well as a short lived hire, Brian Doyle. The one obvious problem was in the hiring of Brian Doyle because he had two issues: 1) he did not perform well and 2) his personality was not compatible with Stephanie’s.
Fletcher underestimated the importance of compatible personalities in a small team environment. Before hiring Doyle, Fletcher could have taken more time to understanding Doyle’s personality and how it might complement Stephanie’s personality as they work together. Fletcher also might have vetted Doyle more carefully regarding his competence and ability to perform before hiring him. While Stephanie and Brian may have been using on complementary skills, Doyle lacked competence and compatibility, two of the three C’s of building a team....
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