Many organizations change so frequently that they are unwilling to invest in the process diagramming and definitions of defined enablers. A plethora of new technologies such as Wikis and Mashups (a method for bring disparate data together for a common view – for example, bring together a street map, a list of real estate for sale, flag on the street map for schools, churches, parks, government buildings and malls) are changing the scenery again. Identify three excuses that might be used for not doing an analysis and counter each with a brief description of how technology to help you create it and maintain it with a very low “overhead” (i.e., at no additional time and with no additional money). Post your list and ideas here.

1. Explain how the HPS (Human Performance Systems) model interacts with a process diagram to aid in performing an Enabler Analysis. Identify the process of an Enabler Analysis and explain each of the elements.
2. Describe the three performance variables that should be considered for change in every analysis. Explain how each would impact a corporate “bottom line” – their net gain after expenses.
3. It’s time to buy groceries. Diagram the process for buying groceries (You may wish to do this in Word, Visio, or PowerPoint).
Be sure to follow up your suggestions with data from credible resources. Remember that your title and reference page are not considered in the minimum page count requirements.

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Excuses for Failure to Undertake Analysis
High Employee Turnover
This revolves around the movement of members of workforce to and from the organization, because of finding other jobs, boredom, or sacking. In the face of such a situation, it becomes difficult for a company to analyze effectively human performance improvement. The most efficient way to deal with this issue is to establish a computerized data collection system that will help in keeping track of all the work done by each employee. This way, tracking performance will be easier regardless whether, a given employee is present.
Lack of Adequate Time for Analysis
This is usually a sign of incompetence mainly caused by lack of adequate skills in the functionality of the system at work, maybe due to inexperience or laziness. This makes it impossible for the companies to evaluate performance through the existing human performance models. This problem can be remedied by establishing effective process diagrams that would interact well with existing human performance models to oversee proper analyses of enablers.
Prevention of Innovativeness
Some organizations associate establishing performance systems interfere with creativity levels of employees. This may lead to overdependence on technology that may eventually render the organization inefficient in the event of breakdown. Beside, some managers feel that it may demoralize persons since it would apply a lot of pressure on them in a id to improve productivity...
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