This term, you will research a company of your choice to determine an area where quality may need to be improved. This might be a company you currently work for, a company you have worked for in a past, or a company that you have done business with and realized that there may be an underlying issue in their processes. Feel free to change the name of the company to protect their identity. If you are at a complete loss of what company to use, you may create a fictional company, however, you must adhere to all of the parts of the assignment.

• Once you have chosen your company, it would be beneficial for you to establish a contact within the organization in order to communicate with. This is not mandatory, but is definitely recommended. Again, you may change the name of your sources to ensure privacy.

• The next step in the project is to assume the role as the lead of the Quality Assurance project team. You will conduct a proposal to develop a quality assurance plan to put in place to ensure that the company is offering the utmost quality in their service/product.

There will be four main parts to your proposal:

• Part I - Quality Objectives: This portion of the proposal will require you to define what needs to be changed and the steps that you intend to make it happen. You must also determine the tools and quality techniques that will be necessary in implementing the change.

• Part II - Roles and Responsibilities: This portion of the proposal will require you to determine the roles and responsibilities individuals will play throughout the process. This is a very important part of the plan. Itemizing roles and tasks is beneficial throughout the process to ensure that each party understands their position within the project.

• Part III - Coordination with Other Plans: This portion of the proposal will require you to determine what other plans are currently in place for the company to run smoothly. You must do your research to ensure that you do not risk contradicting or compromising other plans currently in place.

• Part IV - Tasks and Scheduling: This portion of the proposal will allow you to begin assigning and scheduling tasks. It is very important to determine the time frame allotted and plan accordingly.

Discussion Question

Organizational Change
This week we conclude out course. I hope you have found this course to be a beneficial learning experience. This week you continued to learn about organizational change and performance excellence. Often, employees will resist change which will, in-turn, decrease performance. Are you one that resists change? What do you recommend be done within the workplace to implement change without resistance from your employees?
Your initial response should be a minimum of 150 words. Your work should be in your own words and should include research to support your response. Be sure to avoid Wikipedia as a resource as this is not a reliable source. Include your resources at the end of your response.

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Quality is one of the most important attributes of an organization that can determine its success or failure. Quality is a broad term which cannot be gauged by the proportion of defects per batch of output only. It covers all the activities undertaken to provide the product to the consumer and ensuring that the product meets the specifications of the consumers (Seaver, 2003). In this report, the quality processes at my friend’s business XYZ Corp (Name changed) has been analyzed. XYZ is one of the most popular general merchandise retailers in the US and is also known for its assortment of products. However, the increasing competitiveness in the retail environment has made it difficult for the company to match the offerings of its competitors like Wal-Mart, Target, etc. This report presents the proposal for analysis of the quality processes at XYZ Corp and development of a quality assurance plan that would help the organization to compete effectively in the competitive industry.
Quality objectives
One of the main problems that has been faced by the company has been the rising levels of inventory for particular items and shortage faced on account of other items. The retailer has also been incurring losses due to inventory becoming obsolete. Since it deals with food products also, there is a specified expiration date beyond which the item becomes unfit for use. It has been incurring losses when it returns these products to the suppliers. The profit margin of the business has also been gradually declining over the past years and all these concerns raise questions on the sustainability of operations. The quality objectives that would be researched in this project are:
• Analysis of the reasons behind the high costs of operations of the retailer – The business has been operating as brick-and-mortar stores only and there is lack of online presence for the business. The use of IT has also been minimal by the organization as it has been using the traditional methods of manual inputs to conduct the operations. Manual methods create scope for errors and automation helps to benefit from enhanced efficiency along with reduced room for error. Due to the labor-intensive nature of operations, the business has been incurring high administrative costs and it is important to trim the cost of labor for...

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