What are the critical factors to consider in the design of a work system? What role does technology play in the design of work systems? Use data from credible outside resources to backup your response.

Nighttime Apnea Partners Institute (NAPI – pronounced Nap-ee) specializes in the study of sleep disorders, such as Apnea. They test both newly announced products and traditional home-remedies. Eventually, after much research, they publish clinical study data on their findings. In addition, they create market-ready sleep-aids that range from the low-tech tool to some very high-tech options.You are working with them on a software implementation project that will add barcode functionality to their current patient record system and custom-designed sleep-study software. This is a desired functionality in high-demand by the Sleep Specialists who track sleep behaviors of individuals testing various research studies, product studies, or who are simply visiting overnight to identify their specific sleep disorder. Below is the design for this change project. In a 2 page (minimum) paper following APA format, analyze its strengths and weaknesses.

The Design:

•Test barcode software against requirements

•Training shift leaders in the use of barcode readers

•Provide barcode training manuals for shift leaders to use in training their teams

•Bring up one wing of the sleep labs per week until all labs are up and running

•Provide on-the-floor coaches who rotate through sleep labs assisting the technicians, troubleshoot, and coach the use of the barcode readers

•During the week that a wing is building its barcode skills, debrief the wing-team at the end of the shift and debrief senior management at their morning “huddle”

Be sure to follow up your suggestions with data from credible resources. Remember that your title and reference page are not considered in the minimum page count requirements.

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The Elements of Work System and Their Applicability
In organizations, the concept a work system means all the structures that work together across and within a primary production configuration to achieve a common organizational purpose. An effective work system must have the capability to amalgamate the available participants, machines information, processes, and techniques to produce goods and services for internal and external consumption. There are the major elements of work systems, without which systems might be ineffective or non-responsive to flexibility and adaptability. However, despite the standardization of these elements, organizations make customizations depending on the nature and needs of the organization. The purpose of this paper is to undertake an in-depth exploration of the essential elements of work systems as adopted by major organizations during the development of work systems. Additionally, the article probes on the role and applicability of technology in incorporating these elements....

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