Prepare a synopsis of one article dealing with any area of marketing. The article is to be taken from a current periodical, which could include the Wall Street Journal, or Business Week. You will:

a. Briefly summarize the article, in one page.
b. On the second page discuss the marketing terms and theory that apply to the subject of the article.

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Marketing is termed as a social or management process in which the goods or services, or products are exchanged so that an individual’s needs or wants can be satisfied. Marketing is a very vast term and includes advertising, distribution, sales and promotion in it. In this synopsis we will discuss in detail promotion as a marketing element.

Promotion in itself is a marketing expression that covers all the marketing elements like sales promotion, selling of product, direct marketing, different forms of advertising etc. Promotion plays a very big role in selling of product and thus should be done properly. If promotion is done using all the right techniques then the results are very fruitful for the company (Riley , 2012). Promotions help in promotion brands to customers, products and services to the customers. Any wrong technique can make the consumer against the brand thus spoil brand reputation....

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