1. Choose one Diagnostic Model to apply to the two chosen companies. Choose the model which you feel best identifies and measures the relevant aspects of the organization’s performance and therefore the diagnostic choices made will affect your findings.

2. Apply the data obtained in your research through an analysis of the appropriate chosen model. This will allow you to create a diagnosis of where each company is today (as per the criteria of the model).

3. Create a SWOT Analysis for each of the two chosen companies change plans/programs, utilizing information obtained in the diagnosis. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.)

4. Compare the two company analyses to each other and offer your perspective (value judgment) of the effectiveness of the changes made to date in each case.

5. Identify potential areas of resistance that may occur and at least one strategy to respond to each. (This will most likely come from your Weaknesses/Threats section of your SWOT. If not, take another look at your SWOT.)

6. Write your paper including each of the above sections, and analyses.

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Staffing at Tata Steel
The recruitment Policy at Tata Steel is designed in right manner to attract right talent and that too at the right time in order to improve the net worth of the human capital and the recruitment policy of the company aims:
• Being consistent and fair
• Being non-discriminatory on the grounds of religion, race, sex or disability.

Skills in Tata Steel
The major cornerstone for the HR policy of Tata steel has always been to manage the surplus manpower. Rightsizing at Tata Steel has been achieved through:
• Resolving cultural issues like understanding employee expectations etc.
• Open and collaborative Leadership
• Proper Communication and Education by making employees aware about business

Systems Used at Tata Steel
The current system has been designed keeping in mind that it is service organization and the primary resource in the system has been kept manpower. This can be customised and implemented in any service organization.
• Process: One Window Concept which helps in simplified and easy processing of ESS application.
• Care After Separation offers help and assistance to employees after separation through “ Ex-Employees Help Desk”
• Safeguards for anxieties and stress, low employee morale and organization values.

Style of Working in Tata Steel
The new retail outlet called Steel Junction offered by Tata Steel is a nice combination of functionality, style and innovation and offers an exclusive range of steel lifestyle products.

Strategy Proposed for Tata Steel
The proposed strategy is to strengthen its Indian operations and to realize the synergies from the Corus acquisition. And to increase focus on high value added steel products. It also wants to seek high control over the raw materials.
• Growth Strategy through new projects
• Growth and Globalization plans
• Planned New ventures through collaboration...

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