Write about Verizon Wireless company and address the following:

Acquaint the reader with the organization selected, why it was selected, and the specific division/department of interest. Fully discuss the corporate agenda, its business strategy, its environment, and its objectives. A professional overview of the organizational culture and values should be included in the analysis.

Needs Assessment, Design, Implementation, Design
Design a needs assessment which analyzes organizational objectives and goals and then examines the factors which affect reaching those goals. Your analysis should look at the Organization, Person, and Task levels. Be sure you fully describe your methodologies, process, and results.

Recommended Training and Design
Outline your plan for developing a training model to meet the results of the needs assessment. It is important to recognize that training is not always the most cost-effective solution to an organizational problem. Credit will be given for other creative and cost-effective developmental modalities other than training. Professional justification is expected for the choices. Clearly outline the desired learning outcomes and include your specific recommended training methods. Fully address any learning environment/transfer of training issues.

Cost/Benefit Analysis
Outline the cost of recommended training, the potential return on investment (ROI), and the expected results. A plan should be provided on how to justify the costs.

Training Evaluation Plan
Detail your methods for evaluating the effectiveness of the training after it has been completed. How will the organization know whether the training has been successful?

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Executive Summary
Training is increasing the skills of an employee to do a particular job. The Evaluation of any training programmed has certain aims to fulfill. It is imparted to the employees keeping in view the objectives and goals of the organization. Evaluation of the training program tells us whether the training program was able to deliver the goals and objectives in terms of the costs incurred and benefits achieved. In this paper, we have developed a training program for a company, defined the program, done the need assessment, evaluated the program and made conclusion.

The company which has been selected is Verizon Wireless. It is the second largest mobile network service provider in USA...The Company is being studied for the training and development designs because it is one of the largest mobile network operators in US. It has a huge subscriber base.So; the employees in the company should be well trained and educated to provide the required service to their employees. In this paper, we will be analyzing the training needs of the Customer Care Department. Verizon Wireless (2013)....
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