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Question B
Do performance management systems usually measure the right things? How can performance management systems encourage performance that is more consistent with long- range rather than short- term issues?

Week 7 Assignment
Evaluate the following evaluation plan. Define the elements that are present. Describe those that are missing and propose evaluation techniques that would fill those gaps.

Qwerty Ltd (QL) designs and builds custom keyboards from scrap computer parts. They resell the keyboard to industries that need non-standard keyboards for specific applications such as manufacturing floors, mining operations, and even NASA. In order to streamline their order-to-design process, they want sales reps to capture requirements during sales calls. One of your peers has asked you to review their evaluation plan (below): Comment on the strengths and missed opportunities.

•Determine whether sales reps have the right skills for capturing requirements
•Define work processes and tools that sales reps will need for new work
•Design the training (if any)
•Pilot test the training with local sales reps only
•Track participant satisfaction with training
•Track whether or not sales reps submit requirements during or just after sales calls
•Determine whether or not production is satisfied with requirements submitted by sales reps

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Determining the Performance of Employees through Performance management and Evaluation Processes

Week 7 Discussion Question B. Determining the Performance of Employees through Performance management and Evaluation Processes

In an organization’s structure, management undertakes consistent performance management aimed at helping in the realization of the overall objectives. According to Armstrong and Baron (2000), performance management is a process through which managers and senior employees collaborate with junior workers to plan, execute, and monitor the organizations’ activities. Performance Management is different from annual review or periodic monitoring and evaluation as it focuses on current activities and subjective policies. In other words, performance management is an unending process of setting objectives, examining the progress, and offering training and feedback to ensure that the employees meet their daily goals, which are constituents of the primary goals (Armstrong & Baron, 2000).

In the process, the management examines all the imperative elements of production sequence and all the underlying factors. Guest (2011) analyzes the process in three major phases. Firstly, the process begins with a well mapped out planning, which...

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