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Assume you are a building contractor and you have won a bid to construct a high-rise residential apartment building. The complex is to be located in an area of the city which borders a high-crime urban area on one side, and industrial facilities on the other. You will need to take these factors into consideration before you start the project. How will you incorporate the needs of the future occupants into your approach to the construction?

You should take into consideration:

Natural Surveillance
Design Guidelines
Territory and personal defense strategies
Confidence restoration strategies
Case Study Requirements:

Cover sheet that contains the course name, Case Study 1, your name, and date.
Name your Word file in this format: last name CaseStudy1.
Proper use of spelling, grammar, and paragraphing.
A Works Cited Page as the last page, which includes all relevant information about your sources, including author name(s) if known, and if the source is an Internet one, the date of retrieval and a full URL. (See APA Style & Example documents in Doc Sharing for reference.)
This assignment should be three to five pages in length (1000 words minimum).

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Any business activity is undertaken to satisfy the needs of consumers. As such, the first and most important step of any task is to plan for it and understand what the consumers want so that the same can be delivered to them. In this report, the business case of a construction project has been discussed. A high-rise building needs to be constructed and there are many factors that needs to be accommodated when developing the plan and layout of the building. The relevant factors along with solutions for optimization of those factors have been discussed in this report.
Need incorporation
It is important that the residents have a safe and comfortable life in the high-rise building. Since its location is amidst high-crime and industrial regions, the building should be equipped to protect the residents from the external threats and risks. The primary needs of all consumers would be (Cooper et al, 2014):...

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