Work Breakdown Structures, Network Diagrams, and Risk Management (830 words)

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In a 3 page (minimum) paper following APA format, answer all of the following questions: Explain the relationship between work breakdown structures (WBS), network diagrams, and risk management. Give an example of each and backup your data using credible research from online resources.
Be sure to follow up your suggestions with data from credible resources. Remember that your title and reference page are not considered in the minimum page count requirements.

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For an HPT project, the foundational steps in designing and launching the project are conducted in the initiating phase, which is usually comprised of defining and understanding the problem; analyzing the requirements of all relevant stakeholders; deciding on goals, deliverables, constraints and boundaries; and creating a scope document (Pershing, 2006, p. 950). Once these foundational steps are completed, they provide both structure and information for the second phase, planning. Perhaps the defining element of the planning phase is the construction of a work breakdown structure...
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