You've been hired as the security manager for the new DeVry corporate headquarters (The DeVry Center). Now that you have completed your final presentation to the board of directors regarding what makes a good security system and the potential risks, you will now conduct a complete site survey and evaluate the entire building.
Here is some information about the building:
Facts and Features:
9210 Higher Education Drive, New York, NY 11747
The DeVry Center is located on a four-acre plot of land in downtown New York City. It is a 30-story corporate tower high-rise, which includes 1,250 underground parking garage spaces and a rooftop garden. Construction of the building was completed in December of 2008, and 27 of the 30 floors are occupied by tenants. Currently, there are 1,800 tenants in the building, which has a maximum capacity of 2,000.

Papers must be seven to 10 pages in length, font (Times New Roman or Arial only), 1" margins, Double spacing, APA format and citations are required.

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The security survey at DeVry University was conducted on October 2, 2015, by Shaina Hurd who had been hired as the security manager for the new DeVry corporate headquarters. The information that has been collected to complete this project was obtained from the Board and was also provided by the University. Personal inspection by Shaina Hurd also served as the major source of information for identifying the varying aspects of the facility.
This report presents a detailed analysis of all the audit phases for the security of DeVry University. All the areas and activities are evaluated so that the threats to security can be identified and proactive measures can be taken to set appropriate safety standards for maintaining high security of operations and facilities.
It is to be considered that the attitude and reliability of the employees have not been assessed in the preparation of security report.
The DeVry center was completely constructed in December 2008 and out of the 30 floors of the building, 27 are already being occupied by tenants. The building is a corporate tower and is also a high-rise building that is located in downtown region of New York. Security management is a top concern for the building as it is located in a prime region and also houses a range of corporate offices.
There are top security issues that have been managed in the construction of the building. Latest and high-technology security system has been used so that the tenants do not have to worry about their security. The high range security systems have also helped the center to get high number of tenants in the short span. Effective use of different types of security measures has been done which is a...
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