1. Define and discuss the productivity dilemma.
2. Discuss various techniques for assessing productivity.

• Double spaced (12 point font, Times New Roman)
• Each competency must be summarized in a two-page summary.
• There must be two references per competency in APA format

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Productivity dilemma
One of the most important aims of any organization is to maximize the productivity of operations. Productivity can be defined in several ways and one of the basic definitions is the ratio of the output to the input. In other words, it is used to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of a process and the aim is to produce maximum output for a given level of input or minimize inputs for a given level of output.
Adler et al (2009) have presented the dilemma of stability vs. innovation. They have stated that efficiency of organizations can be increased if the operations are performed by maintaining adherence to process templates that have been proven. This also makes the operations stable as well as predictable since the standards are known and everyone knows what has to be done. The scope for mistakes are also reduced since employees tend to gain perfection as they keep on performing the same tasks in a repetitive manner. However, Adler et al (2009) has also mentioned that this stability imposes heavy costs in the long term in terms of lost innovation. While the organization gains on efficiency grounds by sticking to proven procedures,...
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