Comparison of Learning Theories or Theorists
A large part of the workflow processes is the embedded within the learning theories you have learned this week. Utilizing this weeks MacArthur discussion, you will expand upon the theory that you feel is best for the company and explain how the workplace process will be implemented. You have already started this assignment in your discussion, so expand to create an instruction guide explaining the process. You will include how the organization will teach the workflow process to the employees. You will expand on the methods that will be used in the process, what tangibles will be measured, and you will explain why this is important to the process. Your paper should be a minimum of 3pages.
You should follow up the document with a 10 slide minimum presentation that specifies the key points of your proposal as if you were presenting to the client on-site. Be sure to include any details that you feel would be beneficial to selling your plan to the company. Your presentation should have a title and reference slide (not counted in the 7-10 slides), a professional look (i.e. background/theme for character), and proper spelling/grammar throughout. Utilize the notes section of each slide to expand upon your key points.

Measuring Transitional Performance (250 Word minimum)
Why is measuring performance the key to improving process? Please find an example of a process which was improved by measuring performance.

Progressive Case Study
MacArthur and Associates has tentatively chosen their model. They appreciate you're sending last week's report. While they understand the models, the company is not clear as to how the process will be measured.
Please provide a 200 word (minimum) report with credible resources to the leadership team addressing how the processes will be measured throughout the transition. What methods will be used? What tangibles will be measured? Why are these important to the process? Be profession, direct, and to the point with this initial report.
Please remember to participate among your classmates. Remember that your responses should be substantive.

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MacArthur and Associates will need certain changes to improve the company’s performance and transform it into learning organization. This paper examines the systems learning model theory since it befits the company’s quest for improvement. In addition, the paper will offer supportive explanations on the workplace process implementation of the systems learning model and instruction guides for the employees. The paper further explores the approaches engaged by MacArthur and Associates in teaching its workforce the workflow process, the tangibles to be evaluated and finally the significance of the process.
Senge (2014) explains that a learning organization should facilitate the learning of its workforce and continue to transform itself. He adds that a learning organisation should continue to expand its capacity in order to create a future for it. Senge (2014) postulates that; a learning organisation exploits its workforce’s commitment and ability to learn at all intensities. Further, in a learning organisation, employees strive to expand their competencies in order to achieve the results they desire. New ideas and strategies are nurtured in learning organisations in order to improve the work performance of these institutions. MacArthur and Associates should strive to impart this culture to its workforce. However, Marquardt (2014) cautions that it is quite impossible to realise the seamless learning organisation, but instead it should offer a desirable set of guiding ideologies that each organisation should aim to achieve. A learning organisation is more than just accretion of knowledge. Senge (2014) observes that only a handful...

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