Continuing from where you left off on the progressive case study discussion, expand your process and how you will propose that MacArthur and Associates improves upon their learning, knowledge, and change management procedures.
Do not be afraid to utilize the web to see how other companies implement change management procedures into their workplace.
You might be surprised by what you find.
If you are currently employed, take the time to research your own employer to see how your company uses procedures to make change manageable.

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In the first installment of this report on MacArthur’s prospective transition to becoming a learning organization, our focus was on how a particular kind of learning—Double-Loop Learning—drives the Systems Learning Model and is ultimately both the desired end-state and the generator of a learning organization’s advantages. Double-loop learning is, essentially, the willingness and ability to critically evaluate the very frameworks of how one’s organization does business, on the most intrinsic, micro and macro levels – its concepts, values, and assumptions, and, in turn, its aims, strategies, procedures, and its stances and relationships with partners and contexts, both internal and external. The Systems Learning Model takes double-loop learning and embeds and realizes it in a systematic, procedural approach to overhauling—to resort to cliché—the very DNA of an organization...

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