This will be a continuation of your discussion project this week.
You will incorporate the value of becoming a learning organization.
What benefits and pitfalls can occur? You will create this assignment for presentation to the leadership team at MacArthur and Associates as you have for the previous weekly assignments.

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Presented in this brief report are some of the complexities involved with becoming—and remaining—a learning organization. Note that I did not use the word “challenges” or even the words “benefits” or “pitfalls” – why? Thinking in terms of complexities, rather than the far more reductive and simplistic di-pole of positives and negatives, is a more honest, eyes-wide-open stance to take in surveying what we must address for this transition to be successful. Also, arguably, thinking in terms of non-reductive complexities is itself a learning-governed attitude with a critical eye on the positive-negative schema which govern our thought and with a critical eye toward the future and our shaping of it. So, let’s get to it...

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