As a continuance of your progressive case study assignment, continue to expand upon the necessity of a needs assessment and task analysis for MacArthur and Associates.

You will prepare a minimum 3 page (minimum) document that explains the need for the assessment and analysis. You will then explain what process you would create in order to set these tools in place for the organization.

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Needs assessment and task analysis must first placed within the broader, more fundamental context of the role of analysis in organizations. One prevalent view of the value of analysis is in the use of analytics as tools of justification. For example, when training programs must justify the resources expended in their execution, analytics are run and their results presented – either in neutral ways or, less ideally, in ways shaped to fit the desired results of the training program. Similarly, analytics are often used to either prospectively or retrospectively justify significant expenditures (Pershing, 2006, p. 209). As Rossett points out, these sorts of uses of analytics can be described as omphaloskeptic, in this case the sort of self-interested navel-gazing (Merriam-Webster, 2015) which can be poisonous to an organization’s operations through the lack of vision and, hence, the radical reductions in productivity it can breed; this is analysis “about survival…driven by fear, not hope or strategy” (p. 209)....

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