MacArthur and Associates has decided that it is important that they have not just managers, but leaders within their organization. They have learned that by having leaders among their teams that their company will be stronger and more successful. Choose three of the different leadership development approaches discussed in the text. Conduct research online to find out more about your selected programs.

Write up your findings in a 3 page (minimum) comparison of these approaches including their strengths, appropriate uses and obvious limitations. Provide your suggestion of the approach that you would recommend to the company as their method of training and implementing leaders into their workplace.

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Engendering Leadership at MacArthur
This brief report presents three approaches to engendering leadership. The report concludes with a recommendation for how MacArthur should proceed in its efforts to nurture leadership throughout the organization.
Situational Leadership
Chevalier (2006) characterizes the Situational Leadership Model (SLM) as foundational to the work of improving performance, because it undergirds performance improvement by requiring leaders to be situational (p. 964). That is, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, leaders following the SLM approach are sensitive and responsive to their contexts, where—because this is leadership—that context primarily consists of the people under a leader’s direction, purview, and care...

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