Expanding upon your progressive case study for the week, compose a 3 page minimum proposal pertaining to the education that you might recommend to MacArthur and Associates.
What university would you use?
In addition to educational programs, what technologies might you propose to the company to improve overhead and allow employees the opportunity to work from home?
Why is this important?
Remember to use outside resources to backup your recommendations.

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The question of what education to recommend to MacArthur is a wide open one given the many possibilities. However, this report’s primary educational recommendation would be in the area of problem solving, with insights from cognitive psychology and the learning models based on its research findings. Critical elements of any cognitive learning model involve the functional anatomy of the human mind and the learning it executes. In the broadest of strokes, this anatomy is comprised of: perception; short term or working memory, in term of rehearsal, capacity, and format; and, long-term memory, in terms of elaboration, chunking, the distinction between verbal and visual information, and the organizational distinction between associations and hierarchy...

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