MacArthur’s Transition to Learning Organization - Recommendations (6330 words, 8 slides)

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Write a paper with your recommendations for MacArthur’s Transition to Learning Organization.
Create a powerpoint presentation too.
This report recommends that MacArthur and Associates adopt a Systems Learning Model by way of reflection upon the extents to which the organization currently engages in either of two sub-models, Single-Loop Learning and Double-Loop Learning. However, while that précis succinctly describes this report’s bottom line, it is worth taking a step back to think about what we hope to achieve in becoming a learning organization.
More than two decades ago, Senge et al. (1992) presented “Systems Thinking and Organizational Learning” as the best way of responding to many of the challenges businesses like MacArthur still face today, in 2015: “eroding competitiveness, declining productivity growth, explosive technological, political, and environmental change, and dissolution of market and national boundaries…” (p. 1007). So, how is a learning organization best suited to tackling these challenges?...

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