Like any other endeavor that combines hard-nosed factual analysis and creative freethinking, the task of writing business plans generates a range of opinions.
Your task:
Find at least six sources of advice on writing successful business plans (focus on start-up businesses that are likely to seek outside investors). Use at least two books, two magazine or journal articles, and two websites or blogs. Analyze the advice you find and identify points where most or all the experts agree and points where they don’t agree. Wherever you find points of significant disagreement, identify which opinion you find most convincing and explain why. Summarize your findings in a brief formal report.

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Just like most endeavors that entail hard-nosed factual analysis as well as creative free thinking, the assignment of writing business plans spawns an array of ideas. There is a plethora of literature (in books, websites, journal articles, blogs, etc.) seeking to educate business owners on ideal ways of writing successful business plans. Examination of the literature reveals that business plan experts agree in some areas and disagree in some. This paper seeks to explore the significant areas of disagreement in some few selected sources on successful business plans.
In an article written by Ding and Hersey (2010), they suggest that a detailed and coherent plan is necessary to guide new entrants in business. According to these authors, a successful business plan guides the decision-making process in a quick and efficient manner...

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