The Green Organization has contracted with you to develop a training program for improving performance and effectiveness in their regional offices globally in the Real Estate Group. The Group accounts for over 10% of gross revenues to the organization, or around $500 Million. The organization is requesting a plan for how you will assess, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate progress in key performance objectives as to sales and customer service. The organization is expecting a minimum 15% increase in profitability as a result of increased performance. They leave the process and training approach up to you. You must train the offices and all necessary staff.
Consider this:
• Prepare a training summary to be presented to the executive leadership of the Real Estate Group in a closed door meeting.
• Identify key performance objectives.
• Identify a plan that addresses assessment, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
• Identify the cultural challenges of the offices in the US, China, Japan, London and Germany (choose 3)
• Identify potential threats or challenges to the plan.

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Training and Development Plan
The major objective of Green organization is to increase its profitability by not less than 15% by the end of this year. Therefore, the organization requires an increase in its international performance through training and evaluation. Below is a summary of the proposed training program for the organization...

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