Book Summary and Critique:The Internet is Not the Answer

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“The Internet is Not the Answer” a book written by Andrew Keen, traces the history of technological and economic aspects of the internet, from its early beginnings during the Cold War in the 60s and further through the establishment of data companies. In this book Andrew Keen, a veteran of technology industry walks us through the history of the Internet and the ways that companies try to monetize almost every human activity. The Internet has reconfigured and moved the limits of our world, in both positive and negative way. Keen further investigates how we can make sure that our choices about changing our society do not lead to unforeseen events and negative results.
In general, it is believed that the Internet fosters the creation of a more open world with free access to information and global empowerment. In reality, this is not the entire story, as Keen argues “in the early ’90s when the American government […] handed over the running of the Internet backbone to commercial Internet service providers.” ...

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